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2015.05 - Murten Flea market

9th May, 13th June, 11th July, 8th August, 12th September
Month of May until September 2015 – The flea market takes place every other Saturday of each month in the old town of Murten.

2015.06 - Le Vully The Vully gourmet path

June 27th, 2015
Culinary walk through the Vully wineyards.

2015.09 - Avenches Avenches Tattoo

3th - 5th September 2015
The AVENCHES TATTOO is an international festival of music, song and dance that brings together close to 500 musicians, both military and civilian, from all over Europe.

2015.09 - Le Vully Wineyards Festival

26 & 27 September 2015

The Vully will be involved to the "Fête des vendanges" in the typical winery town of Praz, with the "4 Season's" thema.

2015.09 - Murten Night of delights

17th September 2015
A unique experience! Night of delights: See - Feel - Hear - Enjoy.

2015.09 - Murten Seeland-Triathlon

19th September 2015
The SWISS International Seeland-Triathlon in Murten.

2015.09-Murten Federal Cadets Days

Three days to spent in the hearts of sports and musical activities: over 1000 youngs get acclimate to the cadets days in the musical and sportive fightings.

2015.10 - Murten-Freiburg Race Murten-Fribourg

4th October 2015
Race which takes place on the first Sunday of October. This great classic brings together around 8'000 participants every year.

2015.11 - Le Vully Vully Blues Festival

On the 6th & 7th November 2015, 13 european and american Bluesbands will performed inside the wine cellars from Praz.

2015.11 - Münchenwiler Christmas market at the Castle Münchenwiler

27th of November 2015
Self-made, self-conceived, preserves. Put yourself in a festive atmosphere and walk through the courtyard and the idyllic christmas market. Enjoy the offer in the castle bar or a Raclette in the parish hall.

2015.11 - Murten Murten on Ice

November 5th, 2015 - February 14th, 2016
A winter delight for everbody! The mobile ice rink is situated at the entry of the old town and provides a charming atmosphere for sportive and culinary experiences.

2015.11 - Murten St Martin's Market

4th November 2015
Every year on the first Wednesday in November the traditional St Martin's Market takes place in the old town of Murten. Everywhere in the streets it smells of onion tart, hot chestnut and raclette.

2015.11 - Murten Truffle Market

21st & 22nd November 2015
Truffel lovers will have the possibility to taste and buy fresh truffel and all sorts of products made of truffels. In the marquee you can eat truffel risotto, truffel sausage and a lot more.

2015.12 - Murten Christmas Market

Murten’s/Morat's Christmas Market, from 11 to 13 December 2015, is a three day twinkling time for Christmas in Murten’s/Morat’s medieval town.

2016.03 - Kerzers Kerzers run

19th of March 2016
Every 3rd Saturday in March running enthusiast of all ages and ability meet to participate in the first big spring run of the year.

2016.03 - Murten Carnival

5th - 7th of March 2016
Everyone in the region knows Murten Carnival takes over the old town for three days and nights of partying.

2016.03 – Muntelier Easter Egg Hunt

27th March once again Children can look for Easter eggs and chocolate eggs on the area Centre Löwenberg. A highlight for the whole family!

2016.04 - Kerzers Schlager-Night Kerzers

16th April 2016
The big "Schlager-Night" - an event that brings great artists to Kerzers. They sing about strong feelings, the mountains, the wonderful homeland, the longing for far-away places and a lot more.

2016.04 - Murten The Lake Murten slowUp

April 24th, 2016
32km of human powered mobility: cycling, skating, skate boarding, hiking, running, skipping or jumping. The Lake Murten slowUp is a car free dream and will be excellent fun for the entire family!

2016.05 - Le Vully Open cellars in Le Vully

The 13th to the 15th of May 2016 Open cellars in "le Vully"

2016.05 - Morat Surfclassic

13th - 16th May 2016
Slalomraces, Freestyle Competition and more. Beachvolley, party with live bands and good atmosphere – these are the Surfclassics in Murten

2016.05 - Murten May market

1st May 2016
What would Murten be without its traditional May market? Enjoy the spring atmosphere in our beautiful oldtown when the retailers and other suppliers present their goods in the streets of Murten. We are looking forward to seeing you!

2016.05-07. - Murten Helvetian Revolution

From the 18th may - 2nd july 2016
Sustentive, haunting and historical open-air theater based on the Helvetian Revolution in 1798.

2016.06 - Murten Shoot of Murten

26th of June 2016
The historical shoot of Murten on the "Bodemünzi"

2016.06 - Murten Youth Festival "Solennität"

22nd June 2016
The Youth Festival commemorates the 1476 Battle of Morat/Murten. The colorful Youth Festival features many activities and the finely decorated city fountains.

2016.07 - Avenches (VD) Opera Festival

July 2016
If you're a lover of the lyrical arts, the Opera Festival in Avenches will sweep you off your seat!

2016.07 - Le Vully Balade Gourmande de Vully-les-Lacs

17th July 2016
The promenade for gourmands on the Vully is a walk through the wineyards.

2016.07 - Murten Lake crossing

24th July 2016
The lake crossing (distance 3,0 km) from Meyriez to Motier: only for trained swimmers!

2016.07 - Murten Musik im Stedtli

Music in Murten on Saturdays in July and August. Concerts take place spontaneous between 10 and 17 hours. Feel enthusiastic and discover our Stedtli in the company of musical tones!

2016.07-08. - Vallamand Chenevières-sur-Scène

28th of July - 28th of August 2016
The 15th edition of Chenevières-sur-Scène

2016.08 - Avenches (VD) Rock Oz'Arènes

3rd - 7th August 2016
Rock Oz'Arènes has long been called the smallest of the bigger festivals, but don't let that put you off.

2016.08 - Le Vully Vullyrun-Halfmarathon in Vully

20th august 2016
The "VullyRun" is a half-marathon which uses the vineyards ways belonging to the Vaud and Fribourg. An amazing sportive event to do!

2016.08 - Murten 1st August-Party

As usual, heaven over Murten is going to be colored and enlightened.

2016.08 - Murten City Party

12th - 13th August 2016
Also this year is the traditional annual Murten City Party a social and cultural event-highlight. As always, guests get delicacies in the main street. Different presentations and games are arranged for entertainment and fun.

2016.08 - Murten Murten Classics

14th of August - 4th of September 2016
Classical music festival in the medieval market town of Murten.

2016.09 - Murten Panorama ceramic

3rd and 4th September 2016
Murten presents you a panorama of contemporary ceramic work.





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