Places of interest Region Lake Murten

Le Vully Celtic Oppidum

This fortified village, called an oppidum, dates from the Celtic period, about 124 BC.

Le Vully Môtier Church

The tower of the Church dates from the 11th century. It is built in the Romanesque style. The nave dates from the 15th century and is in the rural Gothic style.

Le Vully Rotary Bridge

The Rotary bridge provides for cyclists, pedestrians, roller skaters and people in wheel chairs a means of crossing the Broye canal which joins Lake Murten to Lake Neuchatel.

Le Vully Sarrasins Tower

The remains of this tower, probably dating from the 12th or 13th century, are situated above Nant. It is documented for the first time on a tithe map from 1772 where it is simply named “the old tower”.

Le Vully The Mont-Vully Caves

The Lamberta caves are man-made tunnels excavated in sandstone.

Le Vully «Louis Agassiz» Stone - Palet Roulant

An erratic is by definition a rock which has travelled. The huge rock on Mount Vully made an extraordinary journey from the mountains in the region of the Furka pass.

Münchenwiler The castle of Münchenwiler

3 km south of Murten is the landmark of Münchenwiler, the castle of Münchenwiler. This historic gem has been transformed into a hotel and hosts each year numerous seminars and individual tourists.





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