Thematic hiking tours

Courtepin Bibera river trail

The Bibera is a revitalized stream. Among other plant and animal species, it hosts beavers, whose buildings are easily visible. A scenic 6 km-long gravel path has been built along the river between Courtaman and Liebistorf. The proposal below concerns the section Cressier-Courtepin and can be done on foot or by bike. The return trip can be done by train.


Discover the national route n°4, the “ViaJacobi”. Follow the traces of the pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela! Chapels, churches and country inns are lined up along the whole ViaJacobi like pearls on a necklace and offer an amazing hike through a diversified cultivated landscape.

Jeuss Galmelin's Erlebnispfad

Folgen Sie Galmelin auf eine Tour durch den Galmwald. Galmelin’s Erlebnispfad befindet sich im Obereichelried und startet beim Forsthaus der Revierkörperschaft Galm.

Kerzers Vegetable Path

Welcome to the largest vegetable garden of Switzerland. From the beginning of May until mid-October, you can discover over 60 varieties of vegetables growing in this region.

Le Vully Celtic Oppidum

This fortified village, called an oppidum, dates from the Celtic period, about 124 BC.

Le Vully Rotary Bridge

The Rotary bridge provides for cyclists, pedestrians, roller skaters and people in wheel chairs a means of crossing the Broye canal which joins Lake Murten to Lake Neuchatel.

Le Vully The Mont-Vully Caves

The Lamberta caves are man-made tunnels excavated in sandstone.

Le Vully Vineyard Path

A thematic walk through the vineyards of Vully, in both Fribourg and Vaud, helps you to understand the different stages involved in wine production.





Bibera river trail

A nature trail for the whole family.

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